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Denarii Cash Has Become an Official Part of NEM (XEM) Blockchain!

NEM (XEM) has been one of the most successful digital assets in the crypto sphere. As the crypto industry is getting mature day by day, the world has started recognizing the importance of blockchain system. NEM is one of the most prominent and efficient blockchain projects in the market.  

NEM (XEM) is just like most of the other top crypto projects which are working on developing a fast and secure blockchain platform. NEM is drafted on the basis of better speed and scalability. The best part of the NEM blockchain is its Proof of Importance (PoI) consensus algorithm which is one of the paramount inventions in the blockchain industry.  

NEM (XEM) has had success in growing its network across different countries and implementing its ecosystem there is a great win for NEM. Recently, Denarri Cash which is a multi-currency mobile wallet and is based in UAE entered into the NEM blockchain ecosystem. The wallet allows more than fifteen currencies to transfer money including crypto king, Bitcoin (BTC). 

The wallet has moved to the NEM ecosystem and will utilize both public and private networks. Denarri Cash got a lot of support from the NEM South Asia and Middle East, so they decided to move to NEM. The mobile wallet admires the NEM blockchain system and wants to work alongside them to grow the adoption of both the networks.  

Denarri Cash wants NEM (XEM) to help them create a token and they have already announced that they will be launching their new token by the start of 2020. At the moment, the mobile wallet would be able to add some new mosaic assets by the next quarter of 2019.  

Moreover, Denarii Cash would also look to establish a new service which would include different deals, offers, and Service payments and these would be accessible to the users of UAE and Philippines. So, to create a much stronger network NEM would play a basic role to it. The Co-founder at Denarii Cash, Jon Santillan stated...

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