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DarcMatter Coin: Creating Global FinTech Solutions through the NEM Blockchain

The blockchain and the capabilities of the distributed ledger have the capability of bringing transparency and security into an industry that has been ripe with fraud and opacity since its inception. Additionally, changing and evolving regulations to provide additional security for investors, has only increased the cost load on alternative asset managers, which makes the industry more incentivized to increase the assets under management, rather than focusing on enhancing investment returns.

The distributed ledger that DarcMatter is developing has the ability to transform a multi-trillion-dollar industry from an era defined by paperwork, opacity and information asymmetry, into one that will be characterized by transparency, security and trust in a way that has never been seen before.

Additionally, blockchain implementation into the alternative fund industry will have much broader implications and capabilities including but not limited to:

Seamless cross border investment capabilities Documentation tracking for multi-consensus and logging Additional asset classes being seamlessly distributed through the entire investor vertical

In order to provide the key fintech solutions that are necessary for alternative investments and financial services globally, DarcMatter has decided to integrate the NEM blockchain into the current platform. DarcMatt...

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