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Cross-platform client for Symbol:

Symbol Desktop Wallet

Cross-platform client for Symbol to manage accounts, mosaics, namespaces, and issue transactions.


Symbol Desktop Wallet is available for Mac, Windows, and as a web application.

Download Symbol Desktop Wallet from the releases section. Launch the executable file and follow the installation instructions. Create a profile. Remember to save the mnemonic somewhere safe (offline).

NOTE: This program is currently in development and only available for the Symbol test network. Do not use it for other purposes.

Building instructions

Symbol CLI require Node.js 10 or 12 LTS to execute.

Clone the project. git clone Install the dependencies. cd symbol-desktop-wallet npm install Start the development server. npm run dev Visit http://localhost:8080/#/ in your browser. Getting help

Use the following available resources to get help:


Contributions are welcome and appreciated. Check CONTRIBUTING for information on how to contribute.


Copyright 2018-present NEM

Licensed under the Apache License 2.0

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