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After being at Consensus clear NEM team needs to make NEMstake holders whole. They robbed an Army Veteran.

Legit this platform won't have a future unless they do this. If any modern day ICO decided to just screw people who bought in and weren't able to redeem in time there would be massive lawsuits. It's sad to me the foundation and Dev team haven't tried to make this situation right whatsoever. They hold all these NEM and choose not to pay out what is rightfully owed to NEMstake holders. I mean come on at least try to meet the holders half way. Just ignoring them and trying to sweep everything under the rug is sick and very dishonest. In my situation they straight up wronged an Army Vet. Thanks NEM team for not giving any Fuqs about anyone. No one will be able to support this coin with such black marks against the whole thing.
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