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Payment Proposal for NEXT Wallet Services

Hello there, I made a payment proposal to cover the server and maintenance costs with Community Fund for the NEXT wallet family that we started developing about 3 years ago. As you all know, due to some technical problems experienced a while ago, NavPay is unfortunately no longer supported by the community. Therefore, it has become more important than ever to have an advanced light wallet that works stable on mobile devices. I also think that the NEXT full wallet, which continues to develop in line with the developments in the core wallet, is a good alternative for full wallets. I expect you to support the payments I made for the server and maintenance expenses of the NEXT wallet family. My first proposal about the NEXT wallet has been covering server expenses for 10 months since December 2018. I share with you below a breakdown of the server costs we need for the past (about 16 months) and for the next 24 months. Past server payments: 16 Months x 90 USD = 1440 USD Next 2 year server payments: 24 Month x 90 USD = 2160 USD Various Updates and Maintenance Fee (Past & Future): 40 Months x 50 USD = 2000 USD Total costs: 5600 USD Since the price of NAV has been very volatile lately and the price can be quite volatile in the long term, I request 12900 NAV for past and future payments in order to secure payments. Thank you for your support.
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