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NavCoin Mass Marketing Campaign Proposal

I've spent some time recently working with a colleague of mine (Emma) who works at a globally awarded advertising agency in digital strategy to come forward with a 3 month mass marketing campaign for Navcoin. **Proposal hash:** a9332fe0342cc023942350b2119564783d3cc3f512b71d01b5d939b77d7e9e4b **Proposal link:** []( We've costed up what we think will be an effective ad spend across Reddit, Twitter, Facebook & Google Adwords. Here's the summary of our workings; **Ad spend:** USD$10,000 per month **Reach:** 4,900,000 impressions/views per month **Clicks:** 29,400 site visits per month **Conversion Target:** 5,000 conversions per month The campaign will have three phases; Awareness, Consideration & Conversion. The awareness phase is basically about getting Navcoin's brand and a few of its key features in front of as many people as possible. The consideration phase is trying to drive as many interactions as possible. The conversion phase is retargeting those who have interacted with the campaign and trying to directly convert them. The conversion goals are to either download a wallet, or click through to one of the exchanges NAV is traded on. Someone who does one of these actions is considered a successful conversion. We have google analytics on the site to (anonymously) track conversions and measure traffic origins. Every fortnight we will analyze the data we get from the marketing platforms and google analytics to adjust the keywords, audiences and messaging, and budget split across the platforms to increase effectiveness of the campaigns. To help gauge the effectiveness of different messaging, we will be running A/B split testing with two messages per ad to give some comparison data to use in optimizing the messaging. The campaign will consist of around 9 ...
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