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Nav update is rather ...

To be honest , there's nothing great for this week. I know you guys like Nav and so do I, but I would rather for the dev to focus on the important stuff rather than wasting ( sorry if ur offended) their time with tweaking their staking system. If you want funds , just ask directly and focus on the development itself . Shipping is not that hard to do..? Navpay Update , thats fine ; bug can be a hassle at times . Binance vote is literally waiting for binance to send an email which is really no work done. Navtech Set up guides was done by the community so pretty much Nav team didt do anything. And the translation was done by the community too I think? So basically this update for me is just a small portion of Nav Team talking about progress and them mostly putting random bullshit on the weekly update to make the community think there's real progress while to be honest its less to none. P/s : Correct me if im wrong.
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