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Lost anonymous transaction to myself?

I have coins in 2 different addresses in my Navcore wallet. I sent 28 coins from one address (using the advanced input option under the Send tab) to my other address, in order to both consolidate under one address so that I would only need to save one private key, and to test the anonymous send option. I sent the full amount in the address using the "subtract fee from amount" option and the "anonymous send" option. However, when I pressed send I got an error message -- something amount not being able to send but I didn't write it down. Nothing relevant in the db.log file. However, in the transactions list an Anonymous Send of the correct amount is listed as successful. I never received these coins in my other address, although they left my current address. I'm 100% positive I put in the correct address. I'm not too worried about losing this amount -- I was doing this as a test. But now since my test failed, I'm wondering did I do something wrong? I wish I had more info to share. Because it was an anonymous send the transaction can't be tracked by design. Any ideas are appreciated.
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