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Let's create a list of potential partners (stores, payment platforms) for Navcoin

Adoption is important for a cryptocurrency to be successful. Adoption often comes when it is possible to use that cryptocurrency as a payment method for example in an online store or on a payment platform. Often these stores/platforms need to be contacted and sometimes they demand a fee in order to accept a specific cryptocurrency. Additionally there are quite a lot of stores and platforms that are already accepting cryptocurrency, but who knows them all? Let's discuss here, what companies/organizations could be potential partners for Navcoin and make a list of these. Where could or should Navcoin try to get NAV as payment method? ​ Please propose your ideas in the comments. I'll update this post regularly and once it seems that we have a good list, we can start to investigate Navcoin's options and possible fees and prospects. Some ideas are already under investigation and discussion in the community, so I'll include them in the list. Please also comment if you feel that this post needs more clarifications or explanations, so I can edit it accordingly. Please keep in mind, there are platforms that are rather unlikely to accept Navcoin like a certain big online store named after a huge rainforest. I'd say that we stick to online stores and payment platforms, etc here, but if you feel that we should also have a list of new exchanges where Navcoin should be listed, we can also make a list for exchanges in this post. ​ **List of possible Navcoin partners to accept Navcoin (will be updated):** * Travala * Pornhub (apparently demand a high fee) * Bitrefill (buy gift cards with crypto) * Coingate (crypto payment gateway) * Coinpayments (crypto payment gateway; NAV was accepted before) * Sea Watch (they could accpet anonymous donations with xNAV) * Amnesty International (they could accpet anonymous donations with xNAV) * Wikileaks (they could accpet anonymous donations with xNAV) * Zoidpay (proposed in Discord) * Amazon (unlikely, but worth trying) * P...
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