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4 Easy Ways To Earn Passive Income With Navcoin [Article]

In yesterdays post Why I Love Navcoin And Think You Will Too I have shown you the exciting features that Navcoin offers. In todays blog, I will present you 4 easy ways to earn passive income with Navcoin.

4 Easy Ways To Earn Passive Income With Navcoin

Earning a passive income with Navcoin is easy. It offers four different possibilities how you can earn money using Navcoin. Some of these possibilities are completely passive, some require some degree of interaction.

Earn passive income with Social Mining

Last month, Navcoin has introduced a social mining platform. Social mining allows users to get rewards if they do things, that add value to Navcoin. It’s called “Social” because the actions that users can do are mostly on social media websites. If a user carries out actions like

Tweeting about Navcoin or retweeting a tweet of the official Navcoin Twitter account Create a post on reddit about Navcoin Write an article about Navcoin Trades Navcoin on Binance Helps other users on Discord Creates a video about Navcoin

they will gain points for their actions. Each month there is a pool of at least 5'000 NAV available for distribution. At the end of each month, the reward pool is distributed among the users that carried out the actions according to their points. People can also donate to this pool. So for the current month, there are already 6'800 NAV up for grabs, which translates to about $2'700.-

If you want to join the social mining, please use my referral link.

Earn passive income with Staking

Navcoin is using the Proof of Stake consensus algorithm. The Proof of Stake algorithm is very environmental friendly and doesn’t need expensive hardware like the Proof of Work algorithm. I’m pretty sure that everyone has seen one of those massive Bitcoin mines with hundrets and thousands of graphic cards running day and night. With Navcoins Proof of Stake, you can even stake on a tiny Raspberry Pi or your home computer or laptop! Continue on

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