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You guys finally got me...

Specifically /u/StrangerIsBetter gave me a really great explanation of the usefulness of Nano over in a /r/CryptoCurrency thread. Then I really started digging in because it seemed to good to be true... And what also seemed too good to be true was how not a**hole-y the community was that was trying to educate people in outside subs. Linking free wallets, faucets, describing exactly how to experience the tech for yourself. Well I finally bit yesterday and made a couple wallets, tried the faucets, transferred funds, and it blew my mind. It's Crypto the way its actually meant to be used, and with no fees. That led me down a rabbit hole of white papers and research articles that I enjoyed thoroughly, and now I'm completely sold. Currently in a long line to verify my Binance.US account. And believe me, if you can sell this Coinbase using BTC/ETH HODLer then you'll eventually sell A LOT more people. I've already started telling my friends and family that I originally got into BTC a few years ago. **So TL:DR**: Thanks for being a great community who tries to educate positively, unlike some other coin subs. It works. And I'm really excited for this tech to grow. And more than any bull-run-server-crash my research has taught me this lesson most of all- *WTF Coinbase* for not listing Nano.
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