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Would the Nano Network work without a historical node?

I am a little stumped about how Nano works. So far, I know each adress(seed) is supposed to have it's own blockchain, so transfering Nano to a new (unopened?) adress becomes that adress genesis (as soon the first recieve block is constructed), where the chain resides on and continues to grow. But, there is the (i think) Ledger, which (may?) have ALL transactions in it. Now, what would happen, if all historical nodes go down? Would the network reconstruct itself based on the remnants of each individual chains? Of course, recovering a wallet from a seed may be impossible at that point unless there is a discovery method in Nano I don't know of - yet. like "Hey, I am adress nano_bla, does anyone recognize me in it's chain between today and 1970?" - "Oh, yeah I am nano_dump, I have two transactions between you at height 43 and 354 in my chain."
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