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Why hodling matters for adoption -- recent evidence from spam attack

Team, One interesting byproduct of exchanges suspending deposits/withdraws of nano until v22 sorts the spam out is that we now have direct evidence of the importance of hodling. With a coin like nano with fully issued supply and no inflation, if you're out there trying to scalp and ride the TA, it's much harder for nano to take off. Unfortunately most people are apes, and only pay attention to number go up, and without some of that action you never attract new eyeballs. Hodling (forced in this case) has led to that adoption and the social media flywheel to spin up. So if you were thinking about returning to trading once deposits open back up, perhaps consider being a good steward of this network, do your part so we can help bank the next billion, and hodl for the long run. Good luck to you all, '@nanobythebay
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