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What project, website or software is the nano community in dire need of but none exist?

I am a software developer and want to contribute to the nano ecosystem in my free time. To do that I am trying to pin point some of the greater pains in the community and what I can aim towards building/solving. Here are some of the things that crossed my mind that I can build: 1) Payment gateways with Nano for websites (already exist, will only pursue if they are not good enough) 2) Accounting and taxation software for nano merchants? 3) Fiat to Nano and vice versa without fee and instant conversion platform (this would be hard to create without huge capital because the project would need instant liquidity on both Nano and Fiat side). Please help me choose an idea and feel free to suggest some other ideas that would help the community a lot. By the end of the discussion, I want to choose a project to start working on. Thanks
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