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Venezuela next step? Does it make sense?

I got amazed to idea to use nano to help Venezuela, a perfect fit for a country which has been led to the chaos thanks to irresponsible governments and it central bank. However I'm starting to think that this idea should be taken to another level, it should not just help Venezuela but any in need society. Have a trustable store of value, feeless and almost instant may include billions unbanked people whom don't have the means today. As Vitalik asked [last year]( "How many unbanked people have we banked?" I don't believe that Ethereum is the answer. Actually, I believe there are no other crypto today which can indeed change it other than Nano So I came up with an idea to try bring the Nano Venezuela initiative to another level divided in two phases and I'd like to hear your opinion **Phase 1**: * Create a site similar to crowdfunding where people can sign up and ask money to fund people or projects * The verification system should be similar to LocalBitcoin to avoid fraud * Create a site which maps local places which accept Nano. Shops, Markets, Services etc * Teach people how to use Nano with educational videos dubbed in local language **Phase 2:** It requires involvement of someone in loco * Promote Nano to merchants and convince them to accept Nano * Create educational videos about financial literacy with Nano What do you think? Does it sound feasible?
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