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Venezuela (34) - Adopt a Family - Update!

Aug 12, 2018 -- This is part 34 of a series. V33, [Lucho update]( V32: [Lucho: Arepas for the Poor]( V31: [Update from Hector = Windows7733]( V30: [Crypto Lark Video]( V29: ['Two Projects' *+ older link list*]( -------------------- Hi everyone! -- Finally! Most of you remember Hector = Community #1 (V31). You also remember Lucho = Jesus = Community #2 (V33) + Arepas for the Poor (V32). **We have finally managed to on-board the next family!** -- Let's call them "Family N" = (new counting) *now* family #1! Family N has received their first donations and has purchased their first food! We are in the process of on-boarding the next family / families. -- The process is not as easy as we thought in the beginning and it takes some time for several reasons (security, reliability, merchant finding, ...). By now we have *eleven NANO community members* who have declared their will to adopt a family in VZ. -- Thank you very much to all of you, again! -- We will get back to you as soon as possible! Please also see the updates on
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