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US Economic Stimulus to Exclude Undocumented

The economic stimulus bill that's likely to pass congress outlines who is going to be getting a one-time payment of up to $1,200 soon. That's *if* you have a Social Security Number, and *if* you filed 2018 or 2019 taxes, and also *if,* when you filed, you provided direct deposit info (otherwise a check might make it to you in \~4 months). Regardless of your politics, that leaves millions of Americans - undocumented, homeless, the poor who have no tax liability and don't file, or those without a bank account - without some form of financial relief which honestly, could be the difference between life and death in this pandemic. My mind is racing with all the ways a government could utilize crypto, especially something as efficient and secure as Nano, to help vulnerable people. What if every county in the country established an office to disburse Nano. You don't need a SSN, just something with your name on it - even a citation. Sign for an envelop with your Nano paper wallet and go take it any one of the crypto ATMs located on site or at several police stations throughout the county. I know it's a half-baked idea, but it's just feels so wrong that these populations are always so overlooked especially in times of national / global crisis.
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