Until Nano gets adopted by some larger institutions, network delays are probably inevitable.

self.nanocurrency13d ago
There is a day of reckoning coming for Nano, which is the release day for the ‘commercial grade’ product. My understanding of commercial grade terms would be some kind of uptime guarantee or SLA from the network itself. ‘That’s impossible’ you say, because of the distributed nature of the network. That is what is needed though. Until an army of resource is brought to bear, very clever resource on fat salaries, who are able to donate time and energy to dealing with the complex issues that come with running networks. Data-centres like Digital Ocean provide commercial terms to customers, so that they can rely on the service being up and ready when they need it. Payment technologies for businesses are no different. Businesses will simply not use a payment tech that takes more than 2 - 5 seconds to complete the actual transfer. That is the bar that payment technologies need to reach. Delays are an integration problem, as much as a technical one. DNS is an excellent example of this in practice. The DNS system has a lot of core internet businesses and academic institutions supporting it, without their support it would be useless, probably. So, until Nano gets that support, we are likely to be the plaything of many scammers and spammers.