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Trying to learn some more about Nano

Is the fact that all Nano is already distributed a detriment to it widespread adaption? I understand the benefits of no mining, a tool for the future shouldn't produce extra pollution and it's a big plus for Nano. But I'm not here to ask or talk about the technological pro's and contra's. Although do correct me if I'm wrong about how Nano was distributed. I'm wondering more about how Nano is perceived upon introduction. When you start browsing through crypto's you come across a lot of different ones. You can only spend your dollar once so you know how it goes, sometimes you buy some for the right reasons at the wrong time or vice versa. (Whoever made money of Doge congrats!) Nano looks good, nano looks promising but a "hurdle" to me is the fact that all has already been distributed. To put it very simplistic. It's like the a better-then-gold rush where all the better-then-gold has already been taken out of the ground, but you can buy this better-then-gold! I realise this "hurdle" is purely on a philosophical level. I mean, bitcoin is 95%+ mined out and I'll never mine a bitcoin, I'll never stack 32 ethereum, etc. I'm also not saying Nano is alone in this, but I've disregarded other coins similar reasons and I'm wondering if some had the same thought process or similar pondering. Or if not, tell me why this wasn't a problem for you.
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