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Today, I finally own my Nano.

I know it’s not a big deal for you guys but it has caused me such stress these past few weeks. I’ve held some form of crypto since 2017. I purchased Nano for roughly 90¢ in September of 2019 from and its stayed there ever since and I’ve checked it periodically but overall paid it no mind. Until recently when I decided it was time to move it to Natrium so I could stop being an “investor” and start being a “user” and realized I couldn’t. My Nano was trapped. :( Today, that has changed. I can say proudly with the exception of 4.25 nano that was lost due to fees and price changes my Nano is now My Nano! For anyone in a similar boat this is how I did it which is probably not the most cost efficient. Sold my Nano to USDM(? Wtf is USDM) Bought Dogecoin (much wow) Withdrew my Dogecoin to (took approx. 15 hours). Sold my Dogecoin for USD Purchased Nano with USD Withdrew Nano to Natrium wallet (took less than 2 minutes to arrive) Tl;dr - Nano trapped on -> much wow -> binance -> nano -> Natrium -> Reddit post
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