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There should be an app to send nano easily around

There is an App, which is kinda "new" in Switzerland (in comparison to other countrys that use that kind of technology for years). Now with this app "Twint" you can send money via your cellphone number. It's perfect for small amounts like when I pay the whole round and each of my friends wants to send me 5 bucks for their beer, or something like that. Before I heard about twint I always thought this would be a perfect usecase for cryptos and now that I have twint I'm kinda sad that no crypto currency (nano would be perfect) did this. It could have easily taken over the market here, also I'm not sure wether there is a need for something like this in a different country, but the huge benefit would be that you could use it internationally. Twint is only in CHF and only in Switzerland, transactions are instant and fee-less. *Edit: just correcting spelling errors, since I'm not a native speaker.
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