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The karma of PoW, and the centralization of power grids

\]Obviously all finite crypto assets such as bitcoin will eventually be done mining, at which point they would be ideally refashioned for Proof of Stake models as the miners downsize their operations beginning around 2140. Proof of Stake models coming out today would also be best off creating the starting circulation coins/tokens over some variation of PoW, and then switching to PoS subsequently. To begin as PoS right off the bat usually requires some form of centralized distribution, so to do it fairly requires a bit of creativity. Alternatively, PoW allows individuals to stake their time, energy and capital to get the network started. If one could stake their cash in a startup PoS network, or take a cue from Zenon's 2-year BTC stake model, than its tokenomics would be fairer from the get go. Otherwise, PoW inherently comes with a more decentralized and appropriate karma for its sustained future. That being said, after 11 years of BTC growth, 65% of mining power has accumulated under two power grids in one country (China), which is why our recent power outage caused fees to jump to $40 and hashrate to fall by 20% (do your own fact checking).
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