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Thanks Nano and WeNano!

33 days ago i published a post in r/WeNano describing my situation and begging for people to open spots in my city, because this would help dozens of workers like me during this pandemy. Today i have almost 1 Nano, that corresponds to approximately R$ 56 in my country. This money is more than i can get weekly with my job delivering food. With this money from Nano i will be able to pay some of my bills or get more food for my family. Special thanks for u/FriedDickMan that opened a spot exactly in the place i work. Nano is helping not only me, but other delivery mans here in Rio to get some extra money during this hard time! Continue opening spots! I know that this is helping a lot of people all over the world! I’m trying to post on other popular crypto subreddits about it to encourage people to open more spots here or other countries in hard situation, for some people is just a few money but for others can make a big difference!
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