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Some rookie questions

Hi all, I have some fresh money to invest in a project and I am debating between nano and iota. Iota has a lot of hype and I do not like its founders but they have some notorious partnerships I like nano because its fast, free and has a real product NOW. Also I like the team. So, I am not really techy and dont really understand the tangle but I have a few questions. Could nano one day develop smart contract using any second layer technology or anything? Using oracles? How is the team building nano funding themselves short and long term? How is it in terms of privacy? Is there any marketing right now? And if so, where is it focusing? Investors, retailers, partnerships, e\-commerces... Is any dapp being built at the moment? I am also an investor of request network and some time ago I read a post here asking for someone to build an oracle to use nano in request. Do you know if someone is working on it? I think devs have enough on their plate but I wanted to ask. I would also appreciated any post or reddit thread comparing nano and iota \(I could not find any interesting\), or any reasonable argument \(I understand this is a nano sub and would be biased\) as the use similar technology. Thank you,
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