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Some questions about P2PoW

I have been a supporter of NANO since the early days; losing 8k XRB with the BitGrail scam/hack and then buying back in at a later date because I still believed in the technology. I've just been catching up with the developments since I'm looking to increase my NANO exposure and I see some interesting stuff on P2PoW. Firstly, is P2PoW something to be implemented in different wallets? So I could select whether to compute my own PoW or enable a function to elect a peer to compute it... is that the idea or have I misunderstood? If so, when will this be implemented in different wallet apps? ​ Secondly, since P2PoW requires a fee, doesn't that negatively effect NANO's zero-fee branding/marketing? The Bitcoin maximalists will surely jump on this. ​ Finally, I'm slightly confused by this sentence mentioned in the Medium article below published by u/anarkrypto: "However, continuous advances in GPU make the Proof of Work resolution faster and faster for these new graphics cards. In order to prevent the network from becoming vulnerable, the difficulty of proof of work must always increase and that is precisely what we are seeing." Does this mean that without the implementation of P2PoW, as the NANO network grows and becomes more used, that the difficulty of PoW might one day exceed the processing capabilities of smartphones and laptops and therefore transactions take ages to confirm (or perhaps never confirm)? []( ​ Any help would be much appreciated!
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