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Some of the ways you can get some sweet free nano.

The following list pretty much contains all the ways that I am currently aware of and if you are like me that just started getting into nano you can get some of it free of cost. These are all the ones I have tried myself so far. If you know any other ways to get free nano absolutely comment about it, id love, to find out some more ways. **Faucets** : Faucets are one of the easiest ways you can get yourself a small amount of nano completely free of cost and immediately all you need is a wallet to hold the coin the address and that's it. Now all you have to do to get your free Nano is go into the faucet put in your nano address and a small amount of nano will reach your wallet pretty much in the same moment. Personally, I have only tried [freenanofaucet]( but I am sure if you look around you can find a few more and get that sweet little bit of nano into your wallet. **By Playing Games :** Yeah, you absolutely read that right you can get yourself free nano just by playing games against other players and sometimes even just NPCs It's not a crazy amount but I will gladly take a bit of free nano just by playing a game I'm already gonna play anyway like CS GO. And it doesn't stop there you also got Quake a Dungeon Crawler type game and I'm sure if you look around you can even find more. [CSGO NANO]( [NanoQuakeJS]( [Dungeon Crawler]( WeNano : So if you ever got in the Pokemon go hype and you liked it you will definitely enjoy this one because it's pretty much the same but this time your payout isn't Pokemons but Nano. All you have to do is visit the Spots created by other players and that's it you just got yourself a chance to claim some free nano and the best thing is I've seen some spots give a payout of half a nano or even a full nano which is crazy when you literally might go through those places when just casually going about ...
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