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So we're just going to pretend marketing, and thus adoption, doesn't matter for a *pure currency* coin?

There is literally nothing more important to a pure currency coin than adoption, it is really all that matters. USD holds it's value because everyone uses it, not because physical cash is better built than other countries or because US banking systems are more secure. It is just plain straight adoption. If you wait for wallets, for the sky to be blue, for a crackhead to finish jacking off with a sock in the sunshine, a real team with some real leaders will adopt the tech and leave Nano irrelevant before you can say "But we weren't reaaaaady!!!" Anytime you suggest marketing, it is shot down in this subreddit. People are shooting themselves and the devs in the foot, if the price goes up devs have much, much more money for development. I doubt they will expand the team as they seem very cheap historically, but they could expand the team with a higher price as their funds are relatively fixed and in nano. People don't realize, in a decentralized project, the devs only listen when the PEOPLE demand something. It is time that we all stop hurting others who suggest marketing, and become unified in the fact we want good marketing. That means hiring a real marketing team, not putting up signs at cricket matches to stroke egos.
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