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Removing BTC exchange rate from Natrium?

IMO Natrium should remove the BTC exchange rate under the balance, as I figure most Nano users generally ~~don't care for~~ are not interested in Bitcoin, and removing it would add to the clean design of Natrium. What do you guys think? EDIT: Should clarify, I didn't make this post because "bitcoin bad" but because I think a Nano wallet displaying value in Bitcoin is like my bank showing my Euros value in Rubles.
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Definitely worth every person in the community getting behind partners such as Kappture and showing some love on their social media. Also if we can get a list going below of all the other businesses supporting Nano I encourage everyone to follow/share/comment on their range of social media platforms

Busy day ahead with presentations across the Uk - Glasgow + London + Birmingham showning the latest #Hospitality #Technology #Allergens #PreOrder— KAPPTURE (@Kappture1) Sept...