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Really can't wait to accept Nano for my online business.

I run a small online business in the supplement industry, over the past few years we have done about 200k a year in sales with only growth on the horizon. Unfortunately, due to the variety of products we offer, we have faced several account closures from the banks we used to process payments. I have come to accept this, and in fact this is what primarily led me to becoming a Nano maximalist, with an interest in cryptocurrency, decentralization, and economics as secondary reasons. Just last week I was dealt a pretty crippling blow, with my last non-high risk merchant provider cutting access to my ability to process payments, and this has left both myself and my customer base of several thousand individuals in a pretty unfortunate situation. Many of my customers are senior citizens or older individuals, not so tech savvy, so unfortunately maybe less than 1% of them would be able to use cryptocurrency for transactions with the current systems we have in place. However, I do have a lot of faith in Appia, the Manta protocol, and for an easy process for acquiring Nano in the US. I am eagerly awaiting Wirex to launch here as they currently seem to be the fastest and easiest method for one to procure Nano. Anyways, I don't have too much else to say, just that this project has a real and valid use case, and there are many vendors similar to me, many of which have resorted to using international banks with all the risk that carries, taking checks, or simply shutting down due to these regulations and roadblocks, and I know my industry is not alone here. So Godspeed, Nano foundation. Godspeed, Appia and the Manta protocol. And Godspeed, Wirex, for making the transfer of fiat to Nano all the easier. I really think if vendors in my situation are given the tools we need to survive, it will in itself create the economy needed for Nano circulation to take off full-speed. For example, there are absolutely zero banks in the US that will process credit and debit card tran...
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