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PSA: Nano does NOT do 7000 TPS (at least not yet)!

This TPS figure went around a lot in RaiBlocks memes back in 2017/18, typically the kind that compares the specs of different coins side by side. I've seen some of these classics resurface a few times lately. The problem is, and this is especially important now as many newcomers are learning about Nano's specs and fundamentals, that it's never been true. Also, these memes can easily become indistinguishable from the typical lofty shill promises that are plaguing this space, and if you DYOR for long enough you're eventually going to find the real figures anyway. Makes for a less than ideal first impression. From what I remember, those infamous 7000 TPS came from some early synthetic benchmarking tests done between two nodes, maybe even on a local network. So basically, it tells us nothing about how the network performs in the wild – it's not at all representative of either the real-life decentralized mainnet or the more controlled beta/testnets. That's not to say that Nano doesn't have enough capacity for widespread real-life adoption even now at this early juncture, or that we will never actually see that number, because the TPS records only seem to climb higher over time as a result of continous software optimizations. Since Nano is only limited by hardware and networking related factors instead of arbitrary software limits when it comes to scaling, the general progress in these areas of computing will also over time make TPS NUMBER GO UP. **tl;dr:** 7000 TPS is an incorrect, outdated and irrelevant number mostly used for memes and low-effort shilling during the last bullrun, but it's unfortunately still being passed around as fact. **You can see details of previous actual TPS records here:**
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