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Practical usecase question - transferring to Venezuela

Inspired by a post on r/cc that I can't link to, but that I proposed to /u/fx9tmk to repost here in the hopes that we can help out. > I moved to Brazil a while back and made a lot more friends in the Spanish community since I spoke Spanish when I got here and not Portuguese ( I now speak it at a beginner level). Majority of the Spanish speaking people here are from Venezuela and they told me about their life before and after the destruction of their society, economy and government. Let me tell you it’s sad and depressing to hear what they have lived through and why they fled Venezuela to find work so they can send money back to their loved ones. I can’t consider myself a great person but if I have a chance to help I will do my best to help out and I’ve done so with many Venezuelans coming to where I live. I’ve help them find jobs, learn how to get in on the free health insurance and help in anyway I can. > > Recently I’ve been helping my friend David with sending money to his family after I found out he was loosing like 30% or more per money transfer. Basically he would send Reals (Brazil monies) to someone and they would send it to Venezuela and have it converted to dollars there, but it would only be dollars in a bank account, not physical dollars (Does that make sense?). Idk why but that is one of the safest ways to do it and there isn’t many options. Mostly everything in Venezuela is based on dollar value, which is why everything is beyond expensive and affordable for the average person. The thing is tho that physical dollars have a higher value than dollars that can be transferred between bank accounts. He bought some dollars off of me and I helped him laminate them between pictures of him that he sent to his family, and by luck they received his care package with some stuff missing but not the pictures that had the hidden money. > > Now here’s where I need help, he says he is working on finding someone that buys bitcoin in Venezuela and he wants to sell him...
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