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[Passive Income] How To Earn Nano Passively - Monetize Your Website or Youtube/Twitch Channel

**I've been getting an email like this almost everyday, and it's not from tips:** **I earn this Nano passively because I put a snippet of code on my website.** **If you have a website, youtube channel, or twitch channel that gets traffic, here's how you can do the same thing:** 1.) Sign up for Coil: []( 2.) Sign up for Uphold and create a Nano wallet: []( 3.) Enter the address of your Uphold Nano wallet into your Coil settings 4.) In your Coil settings, you can connect to your Youtube or Twitch channel. Or you can grab the snippet of code and inject the code into your website. 5.) That's it, you'll start earning Nano passively from Coil members browsing your site/channel. It's a way to monetize your site/channel. Caveats: you can't currently withdraw Nano from Uphold. You have to exchange it to fiat or another crypto that allows withdrawals. Hopefully they change that to allow Nano withdrawals.
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