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NanoKidz proposal- grass roots marketing

Hello everyone. A few months ago I made a new Nano subreddit called r/nanokidz. When I first created it I did not know what I wanted it to be for why I was doing it. During my first post about it may have appeared that I was making a r/nanocurrency competitor and I got a little flack. Looking back I can't say 100% that was not my intention. There may have been a part of me that was motivated by that. However, now I have found a better and more useful role for Nano's adoption. That is to make r/nanokidz a sub to promote exclusively grassroots marketing and Nano evangelism. I would like the sub to be a place where people can discuss meetups, conversations that had with people, twitter outreaches, ect. I think that in order for Nano to be adopted to a Bitcoin level at the least we need to emulate Bitcoins marketing in it early years. Bitcoin did not have a marketing team or marketing fund. It had people who believed in Bitcoin, helped develop Bitcoin, and share Bitcoin with others. Looking past his weaknesses someone like Roger Ver is someone that helped Bitcoin get visibility. He had a habit of asking if a place accepted Bitcoin before making any purchase and made Bitcoin his life (to a degree). Nano needs similar efforts. We dont need one rich person to fund marketing or the dev team to market Nano. While things like a Coinbase listing would help, thats not what will make or break Nano. What we need is for us to start talking about Nano. We need to ask restaurants if they accept it, talk about it with our tech friends (and others), host Nano/DAG meetups, ect. Someone like [Patrick]( Luberus is a great example of grass roots Nano marketing. To bring this full circle, this is my desire for NanoKidz. I would want the sub to promote grass roots marketing and for the users of the sub to be a "Nano Kid." With that said if anyone is interested, I am in need of moderators and people to help get the ball rolling.
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