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NANO wikipedia page

Hello guys/girls, I had the intention to start a wikipedia page for nano, but it seems is working very slow. My biggest problem is the time and the second biggest problem is that English is not my native language and I'm afraid I will screw up something. I still think it is a good idea and I hope one of you will be more motivated and has more time than me. I will live here some helpful links or other tips: * the page should be written as objective as possible it should definitely not look like a shill * a list of cryptocurrencies from wikipedia where nano is not listed yet: [\_of\_cryptocurrencies]( and where you can get a peak on how a cryptocurrency page could look like * One of the first things I wanted to do is to upload the nano logo to wikipedia - to do that you need the name of the author / creator. I tried to find it but all I got was a response from Troy that it was one of Zack's friends. Maybe it doesn't matter so much but I think is better if it is a real name. You can get the NANO logo from []( * Maybe the wiki page of DAG can be updated: [\_acyclic\_graph]( to mention cryptocurrencies (and nano, iota ...) in the application section * Some questions from Charlie Lee about NANO responded here: [\_about\_nano\_from\_charlie\_lee/]( * there should be a part with merchants that accept nano like []( ([they said]( nano has the fastest transactions they've ever processed) - I think merchants will be those who wi...
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