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Nano vs Bitcoin long-term?

Hi there. I’m pretty new to Nano. I’ve purchased a nice amount of it at this point and am really loving the Natrium app. I dig the free transactions and think the lower energy usage is a big selling point. I think it is very likely to increase in value as people see BTC transaction fees go up. However, I have a few question about it’s long-term position. First, and I know this is maybe a big stretch, but let’s say BTC miners all move to green energy (they are incentivized to do so, so it’s not out of the question). If fossil fuel usage decreases to near zero then I would assume that the concern of energy usage mostly goes away? Second, let’s assume Lightning Network gets some great frameworks/APIs built for it so that it’s easy to implement. We also have to assume that Watchtowers and such are easy to keep online, etc. But, let’s just assume LN works well (usually programs get easier to use overtime, so this seems reasonable). I would assume complexity gets reduced? In other words, the big pros of Nano seem to be: (1) low energy usage, (2) less complexity, and (3) free transactions. But, if non-green energy usage and complexity decreases then fully free is the only distinguishing feature, right? Is that enough? The problem I see is that Nano has to become well known enough to be accepted widely. That takes time. During that time does BTC go green and does LN become easy to use? I feel like maybe in the mid-term Nano takes off (since it seems ready to go right now), but in the long-term does BTC-LN take over? Personally, I’m thinking that there is room for both (and others, for that matter) and that people will have their favorites. I think that Nano has nowhere to go but up from here. I know that no one can predict the future. I guess I’m curious what others think. Did I miss any other benefits that Nano has over BTC? Or, is it impossible for BTC to go green or for LN to get less complex? I hope I don’t sound like a BTC fanboy. I mean, I am. But, I’m becmovin...
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