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Nano V21DB2 Beta Released

From Discord: > Hi @Beta Testers ! V21DB2 is here and marks the start of a new beta network! > With the current network having grown to not less than 21 million blocks, for the most part thanks to @Json wink , this release has set a new genesis so everyone will have to do the following: > - Stop the node, delete rocksdb/* and/or data.ldb* . Do not delete wallet.ldb > - Switch back to LMDB. This allows more consistent saturation testing. Please take a few seconds to switch back by changing the [node.rocksdb] enable config value in config-node.toml . Either set this to false or delete the line > - Run the new node > - Your representative should be setup as before, no further action required > - (Optional) If you don't run one yet, the Node monitor ( ) is extremely helpful for beta testing. > Then, let @Json know and he'll add your IP to the list that shows up on , which is basically my homepage now. > You should immediately see at least 3 peers and 2 blocks (genesis + epoch upgrade). > We'll give everyone some time to upgrade before starting the weight distribution. Please let us know once you have upgraded. > This release does not yet include @Srayman's network proposal implementation, as we want to first establish a baseline for metrics. > We're excited to bring some new features into beta network in the next weeks through a series of DBs. If you like beta testing, then you beta get excited! nanoshape01 > Binaries > Linux: > OSX: > Windows: Come help us test on the #beta-net [Discord channel](
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