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NANO: The Currency Of The Future

- Instant transactions - Feeless - Decentralised, both in design, and in [operation]( - Permissionless - Environmentally Friendly - Scaleable - to possibly 7000tps. (300tps has been seen on mainnet) - Simple - a User eXperience that even your granny could understand - Working today (not future vapourware) - [Android, IOS, desktop and browser wallets]( - Securable on [Ledger Nano S]( & [Jolt]( hardware wallets - Easy for merchants to integrate into Point of Sale via [BrainBlocks]( and [Kite]( - Works even if you're offline, even with paper wallets - Can securely reuse Addresses - Not classifiable as a Security - On [Binance and eight other exchanges]( - p2p exchanges coming - [ due on Aug 21st]( and [PayFair]( - Would cost at least one third of its market cap to breach its security with a 51% attack - Awesomely-supportive community has contributed many of the above - Can be used as an arbitrage coin once on all exchanges - Lack of fees makes it usable _globally_ e.g. in Venezuela where some coins' fees exceed the local daily wage - No inflation - All coins in circulation - Easy to run a node with cheap hardware - A single-board computer is enough like the [Brainblocks Pod]( - No mining required that mess with graphic cards market - Several block explorers to choose from like [Nanode]( or [MeltingIce]( - Promising [Roadmap](
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CoinGate now supports NANO to over 1000 merchants.

Let your customers pay with Nano and other cryptocurrencies! Integrating our payment gateway allows merchants to accept Nano (Nano) payments and other altcoins. Get next day bank settlements, risk-fre...