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NANO: The Currency Of The Future

- Instant transactions - Feeless - Decentralised, both in design, and in [operation]( - Permissionless - Environmentally Friendly - Scaleable - to possibly 7000tps. (300tps has been seen on mainnet) - Simple - a User eXperience that even your granny could understand - Working today (not future vapourware) - [Android, IOS, desktop and browser wallets]( - Securable on [Ledger Nano S]( & [Jolt]( hardware wallets - Easy for merchants to integrate into Point of Sale via [BrainBlocks]( and [Kite]( - Works even if you're offline, even with paper wallets - Can securely reuse Addresses - Not classifiable as a Security - On [Binance and eight other exchanges]( - p2p exchanges coming - [ due on Aug 21st]( and [PayFair]( - Would cost at least one third of its market cap to breach its security with a 51% attack - Awesomely-supportive community has contributed many of the above - Can be used as an arbitrage coin once on all exchanges - Lack of fees makes it usable _globally_ e.g. in Venezuela where some coins' fees exceed the local daily wage - No inflation - All coins in circulation - Easy to run a node with cheap hardware - A single-board computer is enough like the [Brainblocks Pod]( - No mining required that mess with graphic cards market - Several block explorers to choose from like [Nanode]( or [MeltingIce]( - Promising [Roadmap](
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Nano - Fast. Feeless. Scalable.

This article discusses Nano's features, its distribution, its current adoption and presents components of Nano's ecosystem.