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Nano should be promoted as "green bitcoin"

Nano has so many perks that people tend to tune them out when they are listed and discount them as wishful thinking and technobabble. The number one concern about bitcoin and crypto is that 1) they burn massive amounts of energy and 2) they drive up prices of computer cards because of mining. Nano addresses these concerns directly, by simply calling it "green bitcoin" the mass media and the tech illiterate can understand how revolutionary nano is. I suggest promoting this coin incessantly as "green bitcoin". This has multiple benefits. One, it suggests that instead of being an altcoin it is identical to bitcoin in function, but is green - e.g., bitcoin but greener, so bitcoin but better, and hence a coin that should be valued as high or higher than bitcoin. Two, it will create a coalition between people who hate crypto because of energy and people who like Nano - Musk is nuts, but people like him would tweet about how Nano is the green coin and is thus better than BTC. Looking at Nano's description on Kraken, it focuses on how nano is feeless and has less mining, and so uses less energy, sure, great. But we can sum it all up in two words. "Green bitcoin!" and any idiot who hears that should be rushing to invest in it. Any good copy editor will tell you that it's not just about what features you're selling has, it's also about how you present it, and "green bitcoin" has the buzzwords and the way.
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