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Nano node questions

Hello every nano enthusiast available. If I may I have few questions about nano nodes I would like to know: 1. What is the price you pay for hosting nano node per month or annually? 2. Could you write in detail what costs how much? CPUs, RAM, storage, domain name etc. 3. Do you host it at home or remotly in some service? If some service which? 4. What was your biggest problem you encountered when hosting node? 5. What kind of guide you used to make nano node work? 6. Any tips and tricks when setting up node? 7. What is the advantage of setting up non voting node over voting one? 8. If nano is delegated to some node can it be hacked and stolen? Please forgive me for some mistakes in writing I am not native speaker of english. I hope when you read this your mind will be at ease.
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