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"Nano Keyboard" - A Way To Make Transfers of Nano through Whatsapp, Messenger and Other Social Medias

Hi there! A Brazilian Bank made possible to transfer money "through" social medias. You may read the news using google translate: [\-lanca\-teclado\-que\-permite\-mandar\-dinheiro\-via\-whatsapp/]( And I thought "this should be possible with any bank system.... and cryptocyrrencies. Why not Nano?" The announcement: []( How to Activate \- Android: []( How to Activate \- iOS: [\-Y8qWY]( How to Transfer \- Android: []( How to Transfer \- iOS: []( I hope the language won't be a problem, as it is pretty intuitive. I guess the Brazilian CM and the Brazilian community may help if this becomes something interesting so we could help. Anyway, my points with this thread: \- Is this keyboard thing possible with any wallet? Maybe third party wallets could give it a hand; \- The Itau system uses the accounts registered for transfers, or you could transfer for a new account as long as you have the information necessary. If the wallets have an "address book", or even alias for addresses, this would be even easier for the final user; \- This may be seen as "too much work for something as simple as opening the wallet app and doing a transfer or sending a QR code" by some users. I think the other way around. "The final user needs to see the process as simple, easy and intuitive as possible." If we look for adoption, we should make it as easy as possible so anyone can understand and use this technology. The final user doesn't want to understand block\-lattice, blockchain, nodes, representatives or whatever. He wants to use an app to send money fast and without fees. And making the transfers possible while the user is in a social media chatting with a friend, is an invite in my opinion. Thank you for your attention!
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