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Nano is the solution...

You may or not agree. God created a beautiful earth for us, gave us mind power to create. Tech is a part of this creative power. Love of money is the root of most our troubles, 1Tim 6:10, yet we need it to live. Money in this world is awfully distributed, most of it in a few hands. We need a currency system based on top notch tech that is accessible to all people in the world, minimum speculative, borderless, that works instantly with 0 frees, that is scalable, secure, decentralized, that doesn't hurt our planet, that is distributed evenly and that is not continually minted, thus prone to inflation. A payment system that is inclusive. I live in a country that has been left out and blocked from main stream payment systems of the world. So, I know first hand. We must leave a better world for coming generations. Maybe it's a dream hard to achieve, but dreamers have changed the world! Looking around at the current choices we have, $Nano is the closest to the ideal, world monetary system.
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