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Nano is freaking hard to buy.

I am newer to crypto at least the purchasing of it. For a very long time I just did the "you don't own the crypto" method. But I've finally got a new ID (after months and months of waiting for my appointment (Thanks Covid))and I was really exited to sign up for an exchange and buy some crypto. Kraken doesn't support my bank and so I have to do a wire transfer. And while trying to do that through my bank it won't allow me to use that account and it says I have to contact the my bank. So I jump over to another exchange. Biance requires a proof of address, and I just moved and I don't actually have any proof of address yet. I've been using a nano faucet recently and so I have very small amount from doing surveys. I just want to be able to pay money for some nano. Am I missing something? Is there an easier way?
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