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Nano is a dumb network

Nano is strenghtened as a currency in two ways, by strenghtening the protocol and by building services on the edge of the network. We have all been watching the rapid development of the Nano protocol since Colin went full-time on Nano in late 2017. Since then Nano has increased it's performances and I would be suprised if Colin submitted an RFC for Nano in a few years to include Nano as a protocol for exchanging value on the Internet. And why is this possible? Because Nano is a dumb network, yes you read that right. Dumb. You can't build smart contracts on it or supply-chains or any other smart use-case. You can only make Nano transactions. And why is this good? Because a "dumb" network is easier to interact with. No need for smart contract reviews or KYC's, you just broadcast your transaction. By strenghtening the protocol the network becomes "dumber" which in turn makes it easier to develop services on the edge of the Nano network. Andreas Antonopoulos talked in extent how this was a great feature of Bitcoin but Nano is "dumb" on a whole new level. Who knows, maybe one day Andreas sees how far Nano has come and starts representing Nano. There is no longer a single argument in the Bitcoin vs. Nano debate that gives an edge to Bitcoin. The Kappture promo video demonstrates a whole back-office system interconnected with POS devices which have sub-second payment processing speed. That is smart as fuck! And it is all made possible by a "dumb" network. When Kappture starts making real profits on the Nano network, we can expect a flood of services being built on top of Nano. Conclusion? Brace yourselves, adoption is coming! ​ EDIT: I agree that simple is a better term from the logical perspective but the term dumb does a better job at narratively accentuating the message.
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