Nano community - Vote for an infographic to promote on Twitter!

self.nanocurrency1m ago
Hey people! Me (@filipesmdotcom) and Indy (@minderwiesen) on Twitter had the (not so original) idea of promoting some tweets to increase our reach. I'd appreciate it if you vote on your favorite infographic of these 4: Direct links: 1) Basics of Nano - 2) Long infographic - 3) Simple and cute - 4) Starting guide - This would probably be coupled with a link to, or (although this is not working perfectly I think) or something! ## Donations Also, to help crowdfund this, we all can help fund the campaign by donating to **nano_1bnufc49j7z335kzbou4onq1yjhc7wuubxg94mwycfs1akagzchqp6cnyn68** ( Indy is a Nano ambassador. What do you guys think? [View Poll](