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Nano.Community, a follow-up on building OSS infrastructure for the nano community

Following up on this earlier [post]( I've finally had the time to setup the basic boilerplate components of the project. I'm looking to get some feedback during the early stages of development. I'm including a brief overview of the project below. **Vision & Purpose** [Nano.Community](https://Nano.Community) aims to be a portal to Nano's growing community by maintaining docs, guides, and conventions to improve community communication & onboarding. **Primary Goals** * Help new members discover and understand existing ideas, discussions in an easily consumable manner * Help existing members point new members to old ideas, discussions, conclusions, etc * Help new member onboarding, especially for code contributions from developers **Secondary Goals** * Serve as a chronicle of events, discussions, comments, ideas, etc. Documenting Nano culture & history * Keep the community at large informed — serve as a centralized place to easily and quickly track an open and distributed project * Measure community support for or against ideas by nano account based voting For more information about the project: []( # Wiki Documents & Guides I'm looking to get some feedback on the high-level structure/organization as well as the subjects themselves. Let me know if there are any missing subjects/documents, or if you have any recommendations on verbiage and organization. |-- getting-started-devs | |-- software | | |-- | | |-- | | |-- | | |-- | | `-- | |-- tutorials | |-- | |-- | `-- |-- getting-started-users | |-- storing | | |-- basi...
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