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Nano Callback System - an easy way to initiate actions based on Nano transactions

Nano_Callback_System Introduction

This is a simple system for detecting new blocks being sent to a Nano address, this is achieved by a server script which listens for new blocks via the Nano node callback and then can be setup to forward the block details over a websocket connection to listening clients. By using the node callback you can trigger an event as soon as a block is seen (and voted on) on devices and systems that don't have the capacity or the need to run a full node for example embedded systems. The system works in this order:

The 'client' system connects to the 'server' via a websockets connection and sends a json containing a Nano address to track. The server adds this Nano address to an internal dictionary The server monitors the callback and if it sees a transaction being sent to any of the addresses in its internal dictionary it then forwards this block to the client over the websockets connection.

Currently a test server is running: ws:// (currently does not require an API key, just use "0")

Why and Why Nano?

You don't need to hold a wallet (either full or light) on a device that just needs to initiate an action based on a Nano transaction, just need to detect the incoming block and trigger the action. Nano is ideal for this as its feeless and fast enough to do this all in real time, the user will get a very quick response back from the device/system. In theory you could do the same with any crypto however you won't get the same advantages.

Use Cases Embedded Hardware

An internet connected embedded hardware device can connect via websockets to the callback server and monitor for activity of a particular address, this allows a low powered device not to need a full node to function.

Example 1 - a Nano controlled parking meter:

The local council could create a Nano address assigned to a particular device on their Nano node (they hold the private key securely) A internet con...
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