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Nano Around The Globe—last call for help!!

Before we release the video this Friday we want to do one last call to see if there are social networks that our Nano community has that we are not utilizing. If you are active in another Reddit sub, or if you’re engaged in a crypto Facebook group, whatsapp/telegram chats or active in message boards, or if you have a strong Twitter account or engaged in any other type of social media activity...or if you have connection to people with YouTube channels or media outlets that could distribute this video— we need you!! No network is too small as local communities are just as powerful as the ones with international reach. Please join the discord or PM me if you have any last ideas so we can coordinate. Also, with the release of this video, start thinking of different people in your networks that this can be sent to. We need this video watched, liked and shared to go viral. Think of 3-5 people to send this video to...and ask them to do the same with their networks (as a favor to you)...this is how we activate tipping points and viral growth. Though it’s hard to measure, we believe this is world-record type transactions happening this is definitely noteworthy. We need everything from this community to spread the power of this video and to literally get Nano Around The Globe. Thanks so much!!
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