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Nano and Holochain

I'd like to start a discussion about the possibility of integrating nano into holochain apps in the future. I'm not sure how many of you are familiar with holochain, so I'll give a brief summary and provide some resources here: Holochain is a framework for writing decentralized applications. It is agent centric (like nano) meaning each agent/account manages its own hash chain. Holochain does not force consensus. It is designed for building applications that don't need 100% consensus on everything all of the time. It's well suited for things like social media platforms, sharing economy platforms, and has some [mindblowing potential]( far beyond models we're familiar with. You can implement blockchains in holochain if desired. And each holochain app is its own network. Holochain got a fair amount of buzz a couple of years ago when they initially released their proof of concept. People built a number of working dapps (things like twitter clones) that scaled far better than any other dapps I've seen. Since then, the team restarted development in Rust because it'll provide a more secure foundation on which a massively broader number of people will be able to build. The Rust version took longer than expected to reach feature parity with the Go version. But it has done so, and continues to progress. Currently, the team is mostly focused on [Holo](, their holochain app for hosting other holochain apps. (Theoretically the AWS equivalent for happs.) Holochain Explained: []( Website: []( Whitepaper: []( Forum: []( **TLDR**: **Holochain is a very interesting project with a long** [**history**](...
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