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Nano advertisement board at Rugby game

My first Reddit post :) Nano team I am not sure you have marketing right. The advertising board you put out at that game was probably ill conceived. I know nothing about advertising and branding but surely thats a place a recognised brand would place an advert. Not for an unknown quantity and a cryptocurrency at that. Its passive advertising as people are more focused on the game. Purpose of those boards is to reinforce knowledge of household brands EDIT APPARENTLY IT WAS AN EASY AND CHEAP OR FREE THING. SO MY BAD IT WAS A GOOD MOVE NOTHING LOST THERE. Others have commented on the dearth of info about Nano on the board .. there is no slogan .. no catchy wording .. it was misconstrued in my opinion .. but still you get marks for trying. For adoption via marketing, I really think that you need to bring in professionals .. u could also put out ideas to the community .. road test ideas .. have focus groups .. create a marketing channel in discord. I am sure there are people in the community who are professionals and that way there could be some coordinated approach. You probably thought about all this stuff but my take on what Nano needs for adoption .. 1) Get rid of the BitGrail and exchanges FUD .. team/crypto personalities out there talking about the coin's features and path to adoption. basically drown out the FUD. Interviews and shows. Videos explaining the tech and path to adoption, a counter narrative. Explain it away. If for legal reason devs can't do it then surrogates can. 2) Reaching out to people already in crypto but who have not got any nano or even never heard of Nano. Adoption by crypto aware. How? 1) goes a long way if they heard of it but only FUD. Another way is again famous personalities talk about Nano. On youtube channels, on TV, in newspapers will also help. How about contacting groups concerned about the environment? Articles in liberal newspapers about green cryptocurrency. Targeted advertisements ... re personalities I guess Charlie Lee...
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