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Nano adoption ideas.

I am but a simple bartender, although i have been working on marketing projects as a hobby. It just fascinates me. I am a connector connecting people with each other hence the bar work, but also I've been connecting businesses together in the past.I am not in any way involved in the foundation and everything comes from myself, also additional costs. Now i am interested in connecting businesses and people to nano for the same reason the foundation has created it. I come from the Netherlands although i reside in Belgium due to covid. A long story short, i left the Netherlands in 2015 to start traveling indefinitely escaping the demands and structures from modern day society. I've been traveling ever since, wandering the plains of Europe and Morocco, seeing many ways of living.. When covid struck i was on my way back to Spain but here we are. So that's a little about me. Why would I use nano?I am a crypto enthusiast. To me it is cool to use it and see it in effect. Otherwise i never pay fees or have to wait longer than 10 seconds paying with my bank card. Why bother going through all the effort to get verified on an exchange and convert my fiat to nano? Well, there isn't an incentive to do that here in the west for non crypto enthusiasts. But there is a incentive for merchants, so ill start there. I've been doing some inquiring about transaction fees with the use of bank or credit cards. Depending on the size of the business and the contract most businesses pay between 10 and 25 Euro cents per transaction. With visa you pay an extra 1% of the total purchase amount on top of that. It has come to my attention that night shops usually pay 0.25 cents per transaction and rather not accept credit cards at all. I'm living in a student city, and they are the highest percent of costumers, buying mainly cigarettes and beer at those night shops. These products are heavily taxed, which reduces the profit margins. Most of the sales are paid with a bankcard, which reduces their pro...
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